High School Musical 4

High School Musical made its debut ten years back and we still don’t have any news about its fourth season. Numerous speculations have been out about High School Musical, but Disney refuses to break its silence.

High School Musical 4 release date

Last time we heard anything on the subject was back in 2009. Chief Creative Officer and Disney President Gary Marsh said that the fourth part of High School Musical will focus on West High Knights and East High Wildcats’ rivalry.

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‘The creative challenge for [High School Musical 4] is to deliver every element that the audience expects and then re-invent those elements in a bold new way.

Highschool Musical 4
Credits: Seventeen Magazine

It was also mentioned that the screenwriter from the previous movies is also back along with the songwriting and producing teams. Dynamic and imaginative Jeffrey Hornaday will be the choreographer/director for the movie and he will be perfect for taking the team to another level.

Star cast for HSM 4 not interested anymore

However, we are still here a decade later and there is no news about the musical. The fate of the movie is hanging in the air. Further, rumors have it that the star cast are no more interested in reprising their roles.

Ashley Tisdale was grateful for her involvement, but she also said that it was quite difficult for her to get another role due to it. Vanessa Hudgens said she won’t like to be a part of it anymore due to her age. She won’t even like to consider a more mature role as she is still young at heart.

At the moment, the fans are more interested in the spin-off which will be aired soon on Disney’s streaming platform.