Do you love your pet enough that you would be ready to risk your life in order to save them? Think about it twice, because not everyone has the courage to do what this young man did for his pooch.

A jungle nation

Panama as you know has lush greenery. This is one reason why this area has plenty of rainfall.

This heavy amount of rain causes yearly floods in Panama.

Rains aren’t a big deal for 35-year-old Manuel Calderon and his dog, Fulo. But unfortunately, this time when it rained heavily, things got out of control for them.

Heavy rains struck the area

Due to heavy rain in San Miguelito, Panama, the river became a deadly torrent of water

A walk by the water

In a video, Calderon and Fulo are seen hanging out by the water’s edge as the river rapidly moves by.

He’s trying to navigate the edge of the water when trouble strikes.

Before they know it, the dog is swept away.

Without skipping a beat, Calderon dives into the torrential flood and swims after Fulo.

The incident could have taken Calderon’s life. But without thinking about it once, we went to save his best friend. It proves his pure love for his pooch.

“I was focused on the dog. And thank God I managed to grab him…I threw him onto the bank and got out some meters later,” Calderon said in a local report.

When asked why he risked his life for Fulo, Calderon had this to say:

“An animal, just for being an animal, does not deserve to be disregarded, because it is a life after all. I ask you to take care of them because they also have feelings.”

Watch the entire video here: