Girls in bars are mostly approached by guys whom they don’t know. Lucky are those who are approached by someone polite. Because mostly, it’s some creepy stranger who is trying to get close to girls.

A similar thing happened in Florida. Here, a complete stranger tried approaching two girls with his creep vibes. Just on time, a bartender wrote a ‘receipt’ with a note asking if he could help them ditch the annoying dude.

As a man was harassing two girls, this quick-thinking bartender came up with a solution to discreetly help them

Turns out the other patron was bothering two girls and bartender Max had to kick out the nuisance

Trinity explained that she made the bartender pose with the ‘receipt’ he wrote

Trinity’s post went viral with over 200k likes and numerous comments praising the bartender

Max updated everyone that the creep who was bothering the girls at the bar had enough guts to return for a drink

The bartender has also spoken out on Reddit. He explained that tricks on how to maintain a safe and comfortable environment are passed around the industry

Twitter users were praising the thoughtful and fast-reacting bartender

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