We all don’t share the same school, classmates, or fun. However, we definitely share some common things, like drawing the stylized S that was made of 14 connected line segments. But have you ever thought about where does this thing originate from? 

Although no one knows its true story as it’s been around since the 1960s, some people think that it’s based on Superman S, while others have their own theory. 

Its Origins Are Shrouded In Mystery

There Are Some Off The Wall Theories About The Super S

Every Subculture Thought It Belonged To Them

It’s Older Than You Might Think

It Doesn’t Have Anything To Do With Superman, Either

The Symbol Is Used Internationally

No one is exactly sure where the S symbol got its start, but it’s been spotted in countries around the world. Whether you’re from the USAEgypt, or Israel, there’s a good chance that you encountered this mysterious S during your school career.

It Might Be A Variation On The Infinity Symbol

Some Schools Actually Banned It

Drawing the S symbol was, for the most part, an innocent practice. Despite this, some schools actually banned the symbol or punished children for drawing it. Why? Because of rumors that it might actually be a gang sign.

While it is possible that some gangs used the symbol, it’s unlikely that that’s where it originated, as its usage predates the existence of many gangs.

It Might Be Appealing Because It’s A Moebius Strip