After a long time the game for the petrol-heads has arrived which is providing with the real experience of the car engine sound that is very similar to their counterparts. The Gran Turismo and other similar games were producing sounds as if a vacuum cleaner is being used.

YouTube video

Thanks to the YouTube videos compiled by  YouTuber NM2255, which shows actual comparison between both the game and the real life. They mix the channel’s own super-car recordings with in-diversion film, and generally speaking, it’s a significant blended sack.

YouTube video

Audi TT RS, La Ferrari, Lamborghini Aventador SV, Nissan GTR, BMW M5 are amazingly very similar to real deal but with BMW M4GTS, Audi R8, Ford Focus, Mustang and others sound not so good but the game has given a set-back to other competitors.

Credits : Forza Horizon 4 Motorsport

For performing such a task, the back-end team needs to multiple sound recordings of the cars, mixing that sound up to create a similar output can be as much as some gigabytes per car.  Then this involves a procedure of noise removal, trimming of the sounds, creating the perfect final track which would be around 200-300 megabytes per car.

Then the size becomes an issue and compression is involved to the level of 100th times to reduce the size to 2-3 megabytes per car without any quality compromises to incorporate to the game. After this many other processes are involved to make more realistic as possible.

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Source: Carthrottle,  Forza Horizon 4 Motorsport