Definitely, each and every kid should go to school to get an education but some life skills are not taught in school. You can learn these life skills at some of the most unexpected places that you might have never thought about. 

Whether it’s saving a choking dog, jumpstarting a car, breaking a door, or something else, you must learn each and everything. If you don’t know about these skills, scroll down to learn them and get ready for life. 

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How To Save A Choking Dog

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The Phonetic Alphabet

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Poker Hands

Know The Warning Signs Of Suicide

How To Remove A Leech

Arnold’s Six Rules To Success

How To Pack For Hiking

How To Move With Friends

If you’re asking friends to help you move, have everything packed and stacked and ready to be loaded before they show up. Pay them with food and drinks. You should be completely ready to go even if you hire company movers, because you pay more the longer it takes to get you moved.

How To Get Your Truck Unstuck From The Mud

Types Of Firewood

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