Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 is scheduled to broadcast next week on Sunday. The anime series has garnered a lot of attention from fans around the globe, and fans anticipate the next episode.

Hell’s Paradise is an anime series that is based on dark fantasy manga by Yuji Kaku, and it has become very popular among fans since its initial release.

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Hell's Paradise Episode 7
Episode 7 follows Gabimaru’s adventure

What’s the Release Date for Hell’s Paradise Episode 7?

The Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 is set to air this Sunday, May 13th, 2023. The episode will be released on local TV channels and online platforms at 11:00 PM in Japan.

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Hell's Paradise EN
A special message from Kaku-sensei🪷

"I had a chance to listen to the voices of the cast members. It was the same as what I had imagined while I was drawing the characters. It felt like the characters were coming to life. I'm already getting excited about..."
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What Happened in the Last Episode of Hell’s Paradise?

Hell's Paradise Episode 7
Gabimaru defeated Rokurota in Episode 6

In Hell’s Paradise episode 6, we saw the violent part of Rokurota and how he attacked Genji. Later Gabimaru and Sagiri also stepped into the fight.

Gabimaru set the forest on fire to suffocate Rokurota, and later they were able to defeat him. Then they started searching for the elixir in the forest and found an abandoned village.

Hell’s Paradise Episode 6 concluded with Chobei and Toma on the hunt for two strange females in an engaging position.

This is what the IMDB synopsis for episode 6 says:

Sagiri must find her inner strength and balance to take care of a rampaging criminal.

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Episode 6 "Emotion and Reason"

Synopsis and Stills are released!

Streaming on Netflix and Crunchyroll from May 6!

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What to Expect from Episode 7 of Hell’s Paradise?

Hell's Paradise Episode 7
Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 will premiere in 6 days

In Hell’s Paradise Episode 7, we might get to see Chobei and Toma shape-shifting women who turn into hostile men. A talking tree will offer guidance and information to Gabimaru’s group, but the group must decide whether to trust the tree.

We may also get to witness an intense battle between Nurugai, Tenza, and a man with excellent healing abilities.

Where to Watch Episode 7 of Hell’s Paradise Anime Online?

The Hell’s Paradise Episode 7 will be available to watch on local TV channels and online platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Hikari TV, and Netflix in Japan.

Global fans can watch the latest episode on Crunchyroll an hour later from the official premiere in Japan.