Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello‘s decision to end their 7-year-long marriage has come as a shock to many. The couple announced their divorce via a public statement requesting privacy from the media and fans.

However, many people have suspected that the couple were drifting apart for quite some time and want to know the real reason that caused the happy couple to part ways.

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Sofia Vergara divorce

Did Sofia Vergara’s ‘Drinking’ Cause The Divorce?

While the couple did not state the reason behind their decision to move ahead with a divorce, there have been speculations about the reasons their marriage fell apart.

Latest reports from Daily Mail UK say that a reliable source has claimed it was Sofia Vergara‘s drinking habits were the reason behind their failing marriage.

“Of course the fact that Sofia is not sober had an impact on their marriage.”

Since Joe Manganiello struggled with alcoholism and has been sober for over 20 years. He has openly talked about his battle with alcohol addiction.

Sofia Vergara, on the other hand, is someone who loves to socialize and enjoy a cocktail or two. It is quite evident that battling with addiction couldn’t have been easy when your partner likes to have a drink often.

The source revealed that Joe Manganiello was warned that Sofia Vergara’s drinking preference could be a problem in their relationship which the two lovebirds ignored.

“He was warned about this when he started dating her and again before marrying her. He did not think that he was going to change her but he also didn’t think about the implications this could have on their marriage.”

Sofia Vergara drinking

The source added that while Joe and Sofia made a beautiful couple, their social lifestyles never matched which could’ve been a factor in their divorce. Since Sofia Vergara likes hosting parties and get-togethers at their home which involve alcohol, it couldn’t have been easy for Joe to deal with.

“Sofia and Joe had a good run and managed to last longer than some within her friend circle suspected. One factor was absolutely their differing take on partying and enjoying a cocktail.”

“Sofia really enjoys cocktails and drinks with girlfriends. It is one of the way she lets her hair down. She has always been like that. She goes out to meet up with people at their homes and also host little soirees at her place. For Joe, that has become increasingly tough in recent years.”

While the problem with Joe’s sobriety and Sofia’s social drinking habits continued, the couple did not let it hamper their relationship for as long as they could. Joe Manganiello loved Sofia Vergara enough to not stop her from enjoying her life for his sake. However, the distance between the two kept growing.

“Certainly in the past couple of years, she would be out alone as Joe just wanted to avoid issues. It was tough for him. Everyone was very understanding, but he encouraged Sofia to live her life and be happy.

“People around Sofia noted that they were increasingly not together and she was on her own a lot.

Joe Manganiello

Joe talked about his alcohol addiction in 2019 with Men’s Health where he revealed he was 25 years old when he realized that he needed to change his lifestyle for good.

“Drinking was a way for me not to have to deal with me. And I think that acting was a way for me to not have to be me either. So I could go onstage and not be me, come offstage and go to the bar and not be me. Rinse and repeat. I needed to really look in the mirror and get honest with myself about the man that I wasn’t becoming.”

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