HBO NOW vs HBO GO: What’s the difference and which one is better?

    HBO Now vs HBO GO difference comparison

    HBO NOW vs HBO GO is a hot topic right now for online streaming. HBO users can consume content no matter which device they are using. We have this ability due to the fact that HBO owns two streaming platforms which have their similarities and difference.

    When you have two different variants to choose from to stream one of the most coveted libraries of original shows, the question is which one to choose?

    Lets put both of these services against each other and find out which one is best suited for you.

    HBO NOW vs HBO GO Content

    HBO NOW vs HBO GO:

    All movies, TV shows, the comedy special that HBO has to offers is accessible whether you choose HBO NOW or HBO GO and can be watched on the time of original broadcast.

    Both HBO NOW and HBO GO have a similar user interface with interactive and curated sections which showcase the featured and new content to binge on.

    HBO NOW vs HBO GO: Supported Devices

    HBO NOW was launched with the intention to be near exclusive service for Apple products such as iPhone, Mac, and AppleTV.

    However, after the deal ended in 2015 HBO has quietly added hundreds of devices to the supported list.

    HBO GO has been around for more than 8 years after it was launched in 2010 and has amassed a robust list of supported devices.


    HBO GoHBO Now
    Amazon Kindle Fire tabletsYesYes
    Amazon Fire TVAmazon Fire TV 1st Gen+Amazon Fire TV 1st Gen+
    Amazon Fire TV StickAmazon Fire TV Stick 1st Gen+Amazon Fire TV Stick 1st Gen+
    Android phones and tabletsAndroid 4.1+Android 4.1+
    Android TVAndroid 5.0+Android 5.0+
    Apple iPadiPad 2nd Gen+, iPad Mini 1st Gen+iPad 2nd Gen+, iPad Mini 1st Gen+
    Apple iPhoneiPhone 4s and neweriPhone 4s and newer
    Apple iPod TouchiPod Touch 5th Gen+iPod Touch 5th Gen+
    Apple TVYesYes
    Google ChromeGoogle Chrome version 62+Google Chrome version 62+
    Mozilla FirefoxFirefox version 63+Firefox version 63+
    Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer 10+Internet Explorer 10+
    Mac OSYesYes
    Microsoft EdgeYesYes
    PlayStation 3YesYes
    PlayStation 4YesYes
    SafariSafari 11+Safari 11+
    Samsung Smart TVsYesYes
    TiVoYes No
    WindowsWindows 10+Windows 10+
    Xbox 360YesYes
    Xbox OneYesYes


    HBO NOW vs HBO GO: Pricing

    Well, this a territory where things get a little bit trickier.

    HBO NOW is standalone subscription and cost $15 which means it doesn’t require any additional cable subscription.

    If you want to use HBO GO you must have HBO for which you need to pay for cable or satellite subscription, there are some providers who provide HBO GO for internet only usage. HBO subscription can also be added to services such as Amazon Prime Video, PlayStation Vue, and Hulu.

    Most of the HBO GO user access the services from cable whose charges may vary from meager $5 to $20 with additional cable fees.

    HBO NOW vs HBO GO: Limitations

    Now after discussing cost and availability lets take a look at the restrictions of both services.

    There not much as con other than number of multiple streams you can run on a single account.

    HBO NOW allow unlimited streams per account without any authentication process all you have to do is log in with your account credentials and binge your favorite show.

    However, HBO GO requires authentication for every device from the cable provider which can be a little bit tedious but there is no limit on no of devices.

    Both platforms will restrict the number of streams being run simultaneously and if you exceed the limit you might have to restart or log out from the device

    Which one is better?


    HBO NOW and HBO GO are mostly similar services with a goal to attract the different base of customers that is cable cutter or cable subscribers

    HBO NOW is directed towards who are already cut the cord or never subscribed traditional cable and are using similar streaming services.

    It makes more sense to opt for HBO GO of you already have a cable connection considering you have HBO otherwise you may have to shell some extra dollars.

    Since the launch HBO NOW’s list of supported devices has grownup to HBO GO, therefore choice is purely  based on your preference.

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