Having issues with Tinder Messages? Users reporting problem with messages, error logging in, matches & more

    Tinder issues, problems and bugs

    If you’re having issues with Tinder then you’re certainly not alone.  A host of users have now taken it to Twitter to voice the host of problems that they’re experiencing right now.

    While the issues vary from user to user, most of the problems related to Tinder seem to be related to messages disappearing randomly or the matches not showing up at all. Some users have said that while they’re still getting notifications from Tinder, no match or message actually shows up on the app. Some users have also shared that they are getting error logging in.

    Is Tinder down

    It is not clear just how widespread these Tinder issues are, but based on the users of the users have tweeted, we can confirm that at least some parts of the USA have been affected. So far, it does not seem to be a worldwide issue.

    Interestingly, Tinder’s web version seems to be working just fine. The issues seem to be concentrated in only Tinder app.

    Tinder users experiencing a host of problems with logging in, messages, uploading pictures and matches.

    @NillySutton wrote “It’s been 2 days now, and I’ve given @tinder the opportunity to rectify the issue and they have not. I’m being matched 20+ times a day with people I have not said yes to, and therefore receiving messages I don’t appreciate. It’s not very nice. Tinder don’t seem to care very much.”

    @JoshuaDoesIt tweets “I’m currently unable to send messages to anyone on @Tinder. Wondering if there’s an app problem or the universe is doing this for my own good.”

    While another frustrated user has tweeted “@Tinder fix ur bugs boo! we can’t upload cute summer pics for sh*t💀”

    Is Tinder down?

    @LeFlex_ tweets “@Tinder Account been down since yesterday! When will reply with an actual solution?”

    @heatheeeeeeeer says “Downloaded tinder again n it goes down as i try to make an account :///”

    Is there a fix for these issues?

    We’ve reached out to Tinder to know what’s their take, but we’re yet to hear it back from them. However, for what it is worth, few users have shared that simply uninstalling the app made a majority of the Tinder issues and problems that they were experiencing go away. It’s not a permanent solution, but as they say “if it’s stupid but it works…it’s not stupid.”

    Are you having issues with Tinder too? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below.

    Update: We are Testing the New Bug reports which are coming in.

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