Ohio, located in the United States, is a Midwestern state in the Great Lakes and is the thirty fourth largest state which has been in news since a long time because of the long string of hoaxes of hate crime. The latest addition to that list is the claim by a woman that she has received death threats and on investigation by the police it came out that she has been sending the death threats to herself.

The member of the Student senate at Ohio University and also a student of journalism major recently claimed that she has found two notes which had threatening messages. She further stated that one of the two notes had a death threat. She said that she had found both the papers in the drawer of her desk at her office of the Student Senate Office.

According to the newspaper, The Post Athens which is  a student newspaper, she has also said that she had discovered a note at her residence that contained a “hateful and harassing” message, using derogatory words in the reference of that fact that she is a member of the LGBT community.

The student Anna Ayers also held a post at the Post’s publishing board and was also a former columnist..

Ayers described her feeling after receiving the first threat, saying that she was very disappointed and also angry and frustrated. She recalled that she had called her parents to tell the case about the note to them.

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Initially the threats were believed to have come from some other member of the Student Senate Office as two notes were found in the drawer of her desk at her office.

The peers had reported that Ayers had claimed in front of them that Senate won’t be the same for her now after the threatening messages that she has received. They had further stated of her saying that the friendships among st them might grow but her memories in the organization will be marred by whatever she had to experience at the Senate.

According to the Post, Ayers has also called the sender of the threats a weak, cowardly and worthless person.

During a speech in the senate, Anna had said that the sender of the threats might find her revolt and deserving of all the threats but it’s the sender and his/her beliefs which are repulsive, in reality.

Ohio University

But on Monday, Anna Ayers, the journalism major student at the Ohio University was arrested by the police of Ohio University under the charges of sending those death threats to herself. She was also charged with three false reports that she had made to the police.

False reports of such kind are considered a first degree misdemeanor and she will be facing with a penalty of maximum six month in jail and a fine charge of $1ooo. But considering the fact that how the past hoax cases have been treated its expected that she will not receive anything close to that.

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Anna was also scheduled for an appearing in the Athens County Municipal Court this Thursday morning, but for now that has been postponed and she will appear on a later date.

The police during their investigation of the crime had found that Anna Ayers had drafted the death threatening messages to herself and has later told her colleagues that she has been receiving the notes, claiming that she has received them only because she belonged to the LGBT community and that the sender and that sender was certainly not appreciating that and was therefore putting menacing messages in the drawer of her desk and at her residence.

Source: Thedailywire, Thepostathens