Before the US Congress, Mark Zuckerberg, was questioned and the tech experts have understood that the questioners were poorly informed and they have no idea about the Artificial intelligence’s methods to solve the problems of the companies.

Dipayan Ghosh has told that AI has got many important features and it is a needed one. Yet, there are also problems to be noted. He worked as a technology policy advisor in the administration of Obama. He is now assisting the new policy initiative of Artificial Intelligence with Tom wheeler who is the chairman of federal communications commission under Obama in US. This will be focusing on the expansion of legal issues and academic scholarship with regard to the ethics of Artificial intelligence which will enable the members of US congress to learn the technology more. There are many corruptions like spreading incorrect information in the social media and misuse of automation in the past year which led to the poor implementation of AI.

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Many have told that the system should be made accountable but the government does not have high knowledge to hold this responsibility. Yet, an initiative is been taken by Wheeler and Ghosh by choosing 30 top experts in the relevant fields to check out the issues involved like transparency, accountability and so on.

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Definitely this initiative will create a way and has planned in Washington, DC to set a boot camp for the Congress Members. This camp will be an eye opening event for many as to know how to design Artificial intelligence ethically and also will help to identify the regulatory measures to be taken for avoiding the danger and develop the benefits.

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Ghosh says that the current situation of politics makes it difficult to have a proper alignment between both the parties.

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