Harry Potter Wizards Unite release date

Niantic is coming up with a new mobile game Harry Potter Wizards Unite. This studio also released Pokemon: GO. We don’t have the exact date for the release of the game yet. But there are hints that it may come out in the summers this season.

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The game is already available in New Zealand as the game was soft-launched in the region last week. Apple iOS and Android users have begun with their wizarding world journey. The studio is monitoring the feedback of gamers to deal with the bugs in advance.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Gameplay

Harry Potter Wizards Unite gameplay video has surfaced on the web. It gives information about the various mechanics that the players can expect. At the moment, the game doesn’t look that impressive. The looped music is the most jarring element within the gameplay clip.

Niantic has said that things are not certain yet and everything unveiled so far may change. The studio is not done polishing it yet.

The game will look impressive when it actually comes out. The game’s combat is different from Pokemon: GO and the gamers will be involved majorly with the mechanics.

The system involves turn-based time-limited encounter and the players need to trace symbols in order to defend and attack in a fight. Just like a true Harry Potter fashion, potions and spells will also be involved.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite will have a multiplayer feature with a maximum of five members and higher difficulty situations.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite will no doubt involve a storyline with iconic characters like Ron, Harry, Hermione, Snape, Dumbledore, and others. The players will be members of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force dealing with magical outbreaks and ensuring secrecy of the wizarding world.