Harrison Gilks, who was only 18, has tragically passed away.

The TikTok star became well-known after he wrote about his fight with cancer on the social media site.

He started a series in which he tried to do everything on his list of things to do before he died.

Harrison Gilks died on March 30, which was very sad.

David, his brother, put a video on the account of his sibling to confirm the sad news.

He said:

He was not in pain when he passed away and he was with his family.

I just wanted to come on here and say thank you to everybody from around the world for their support and encouragement.

It really did mean a lot to him.

In November 2020, doctors told Harrison Gilks he had cancer. They found a large tumor in his prostate and spots on his lungs.

He got chemotherapy and radiation for a long time, and by February 2022, the cancer was gone.

But in June of that year, Harrison Gilks was told that cancer had come back and that there was nothing that could be done to help it.

The TikToker told his followers the bad news in a post that has been watched about 7.7 million times.

Harrison Gilks

He said:

This isn’t the normal type of stuff I post, but I found out today that I have terminal cancer.

I was cancer-free for a little bit, but unfortunately, it came back.

The reason I’m making this and putting it out there is because I’d like to make a little series.

I’m gonna go out and do a bunch of stuff that I’ve always wanted to do, maybe skydiving, stuff along those lines.

His positive attitude about fighting cancer helped him get a lot of fans, who followed him through his fight and watched as he crossed things off his bucket list.

Harrison Gilks would write about some of the things he got to do, like watching NFL and NHL games from the field or ringside, meeting his favorite athletes, taking rides in helicopters, and going to music festivals.

He also went to New York City, Mexico, and the Rocky Mountains, among other places.

But a week before he died, on March 21, Gilks gave a sad update on his health from his hospital bed.

Harrison Gilks

In a TikTok post, he said:

The cancer has spread to my liver and one of my lungs filled with fluid.

It’s really hard to breathe. The doctors said I don’t have a whole lot of time left. ‘I’ll be in the hospital for the remainder of whatever time I have left. It’s obviously very upsetting.

I wish there was something that you guys could do, or I could do, or the doctors could do – but there isn’t. This is just the way it goes.

The best thing you guys can do is pray for me. I’ve been doing a lot of praying. Pray for me and my family. It’s been a great ride.


On social media, fans of Harrison Gilks have said nice things about him.

One person comments:

Thanks for reminding us how short and fragile life is and that we must live it to its fullest.

Someone else adds:

I loved following Harrisons’s journey. The world [has] lost a wonderful person.

A third fan says:

Harrison was an inspiration to me. My condolences to you and your family.