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Harpy Eagles Are So Big They Look Like A Person In Costume

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The harpy eagle is one of the largest breeds of eagle existing. Mother nature is always there to surprise us with its beauty. There are so many living creatures and animals that are still undiscovered. They suddenly appear as a surprise gift or they appear so rarely that we crave to see them.

People often get confused thinking that it is a person wearing a costume. The harpy eagle is definitely under threat and has been listed nationally as endangered.

In Brazil, the harpy eagle is also known as a royal hawk. The harpy eagle usually inhabits tropical lowland rainforests. The height of harpy eagles is about 41 inches (105 cm) and they may weigh up to 20 pounds (9kg).

Trending on Twitter

Usually, pictures of harpy eagles are found hopping around the internet quite often. They become a hot topic of discussion due to its size and endangered label.

Recently it was found on twitter.
The picture of the bird was captioned
I thought this was fake… Harpy Eagle incredible bird!! How have I never seen this before!?

A Reddit thread is present on this picture. More than 3K comments are present in the thread describing how dangerous and terrible the eagle is. Few of the people concluded that it is so big that it can not be a bird but rather its a person with a costume while many of them concluded that its a puppet.

One of the Redditor commented

“It looks like a person wearing a costume.”

Someone else agreed, writing

“I first thought it was a person in a costume.”

A third added

“This looks like something Jim Henson made… mildly creepy.”

Harpy eagle

The harpy eagle is never kept with any other eagle because the size of the male is twice than the female. The eagle may also attack bird species such as macaws.

The national bird of Panama

harpy eagle 4

It is the national bird of Panama. It is depicted on the coat of arms of Panama.

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