Hanna Season 2 release date

While the first season has 8 episodes, the story was never fully concluded. Amazon has recently renewed Hanna for another season. Here is everything we know about Hanna Season 2.

Hanna, the Amazon Prime Original series have garnered much attention and great reviews. Based on the 2011 movie of the same name, Hanna TV series took the story forward and the explored more of the universe.

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Hanna Season 2 Release Date

Hanna Season 2 release date Hanna Season 1 came out in March 2019 and it was praised for its action scenes and complex thriller story. Amazon was aware that it has become a fan favorite and it did no delays in announcing another season. Just after two weeks of the first season getting over, the makers revealed that there will be a Hanna Season 2. In April 2019, Amazon announced that Hanna Season 2 is in works and will be released on prime video in the next year 2020.

Season 1 Ending

Hanna Season 2 release date

The first season of Hanna focused on the origins of Hanna (Esme Creed-Miles) and her training with her father Erik played by Joel Kinnaman. Hanna was a genetically modified baby to grow up as a super soldier by a CIA secret program. The last wish of her mother was that Hanna should lead a normal life, away from all the killing and bloodshed. But, when the CIA agents find about her, a hunt start and things got complicated. In the end, Hanna was captured by the US military.

Fan Demands Hanna Season 2

It just has been a few days since Hanna Season 1 has ended and fans want more of it. Fans have been asking for a Season 2 of Hanna on Twitter and other social media handles. There has been a huge demand for Hanna Season 2 from Amazon Prime.


What could we expect?

Hanna Season 2 release date

While the first season revolved around her finding other super soldiers which she called as sisters, there is much more to the story. It is totally possible that in Season 2 of Hanna team up with the other girls to fight back. There is so much more to the Utax super soldier program, which will be revealed in Hanna Season 2.

According to some reports, there might be another group of enhanced persons and Hanna has to fight them.