The Glizzy Gripper™️

You no longer have to fear people watching you while you enjoy your hotdog in public places.

This is EXACTLY how the Glizzy Gripper is meant to work!

Cone Cream Catcher™️

Welcome to the future of ice cream eating!

Icecreams melt too fast and we all know that. The new icecream holder has a pop-out nozzle so that you can drink that melted icecream.

The Not Today Mirror™️


The day you feel that you do not want to see your stomach and feel fat, just pull the curtain and say the mirror a big ‘NO’ to give you a reminder.

The Megaphone Mask™️

Have a clear conversation wearing this new mask and be safe and let people hear what you are saying.

The Mixer Mask™️

Fill your mask with your most liked beverage and enjoy it with staying protected.

The Coro-neck™️

Forgot your mask? Use this cool two-in-one t-shirt to stay protected.

The MowTender™️

Mow your lawn and get a fresh beer delivered to your place by controlling this device.

If you ever wanted to know how my inventions come to life, watch the behind-the-scenes videos!

The Not Hot Blanket™️

Does one leg need a breather? This blanket is for you. Just open the zip and take that leg out.

The Vague Ruler™️

Bottel measurement scale, now do you actually need this one. Well, maybe in the case if you want to measure whether it will fit in a shelve or not.


Avoid shoes to get wet in rains.


Grocery Cart Hoodie™️

Be your own shopping cart.

The Commuter Cup Carrier™️



Put this fan on when your air conditioner does not work.


Let your mobile phone sleep and wakeup charged with 100% battery.

iPhone 12 “L”™️

Gain the benefits of twice a smartphone

The Snack Saucer™️

Enjoy a quick snack while being at a distance from your friends and the table with snacks.


Paint-ercise Rollers™️


A hand-painting roller!

Scooter Platter™️

Enjoy your meal while you ride your scooter.


Look like a professional on your Zoom call and feel comfortable in the new work-from-home outfit with a shirt on the top and comfortable pyjama in the bottom.

FingerStick Kit™️

Don’t use a real finger to touch unfamiliar surfaces. Use this real-like finger to stay protected.

Pogo Stick Crutches™️

The Candle Cannon™️

Don’t spit on your cake anymore.

Bedtime Finger Blaster™️

Vote From Home Booth™️

Experience voting like never before. Vote from home!

Shower Curtain Towel™️

Half curtain- Half Towel!

Social Scrolling Case™️

Scroll social media site non-stop.

WAP Chocolate Bars™️

The Fidget Backpack™️

Give a good flick to this backpack and have non-stop entertainment. Just be careful when you open it, a thing or two might have shifted from its original place.