Oh, hello people! What’s your favorite animal? Is it a fox, bear, elephant, or something else? Well, we all have an animal that we tend to like the most without any obvious reasons, isn’t it? So what’s yours? No, don’t tell us. You can just scroll down to check its review. 

What actually happened is there is a person named Charlie who has started “Welcome to my meme page”. On this page, he tries to give reviews on as many animals as possible. The best thing about these reviews is that they are quite fun and you will like them. 

Charlie told us that “I’ve been trying out different sorts of comedy writing formats for a while.” He further added “Ideas come out of nowhere. One day I thought a funny review of Snakes would be hilarious and it got very popular. Then I realized that I could probably do a lot more of these without it getting too old.”

He also told us that there is a book on the way. “A funny book of these reviews is in the works as well as a storybook and a mixed media variety book,” he told us. “I am a full-time writer – people seem to enjoy my stuff, and I somehow can attract an audience online with my sense of humor, so it seemed foolish not to try and see where I can take that.”

“My stuff helped me land me a job as a script intern on Conan for my last semester of college, and something about my experience working there and getting to talk to professional writers and comedians told me that I ought to try this for real. Books and games are in the works!”

These funny reviews by Charlie are too amazing and his first batch of funny “animal review” proves that. Whether it’s ants, badgers, or something else; Charlie loves to give reviews on everything. These reviews include the pros and cons of each animal. 

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and check out the most amazing reviews. 

#1 Ants

#2 Elephants

#3 Dogs

#4 Spiders

#5 Snakes

#6 Parasitic Roundworms

#7 Tables

#8 Turtles

#9 Birds

#10 Jellyfish

#11 Moths

#12 Crabs

#13 Bears

#14 Badgers

#15 Raccoons

#16 Beetles