When a friend is making a wrong decision in life, you would always try your best to explain to them why they should reconsider it. Even if the reality is hard to explain, you will make efforts to convince them. An Imgur user going by the name NoNienNietNon got to know that his friend is considering to buy a purebred pug. So, he wanted him to not make a decision randomly and insisted, explore other dog breeds as well.

The main reason for not choosing pugs is that they are prone to many diseases. Some health problems get worst and are incurable. The shape of a pug’s head is to be blamed for it.

We would like you to scroll down and see how the head becomes a house of many problems.

A worried person tried to persuade his friend not to get a pug

He compared pug’s skull to other dogs’ to show why they are so prone to health issues.

If sources are to be believed, pugs were loved by Emperor’s and were kept in luxury. They were even guarded by soldiers. But unfortunately, this dog breed has multiple health problems.

“The dog types and breeds that are increasing in popularity unfortunately are plagued by a plethora of different health problems – we are talking about issues from head to tail,” says Dr Rowena Packer from the Royal Veterinary College.

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“Whenever we’ve got breeds that do have health problems increasing in popularity naturally we are really concerned about that.”

“We see more short-skulled dogs in publicity and that could be making people more aware of them, and how very charming these dogs can be,” Professor Paul McGreevy explained. “These dogs are dying, we think, four years earlier than dogs of the same size with normal-shaped skulls.”

“Because they have got all of the tissues in their head that a normal dog has, but they have less room, they get dental crowding and they also get the soft palette hanging down – this skull deformation is what gives them the [breathing] sounds,” he said, referring to the sniffing, grunting sounds such dog breeds often make.

He further also shared that excess skin that gathers around their face can result in eczema, skin disorders, and even eye problems.

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