the topic, gender stereotype is a sensitive topic that fumes discussion on the Internet. But it is also true that gender norms have changed and evolved over time. Some things and fashion that were tagged as masculine or feminine has interchanged over time.

Michael McBride, the founder of the ‘Idea Soup’ TikTok channel, says that we all make things up in our mind when it comes to gender norms.

Michael explained how gender norms and fashion choices that were seen as ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ have changed over time. Check out the full video below

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Sister and brother, both wearing dresses, circa 1905

“Almost all women completely accept and often encourage men to get in touch with their ‘feminine side’ if they want to. Some women find that very attractive in a man. In fact, some women prefer it and don’t like manly men at all,” relationship expert Dan told Hiptoro in an interview. “However, the majority of women just don’t feel as sexually attracted to men who like to behave in a traditionally feminine way, as they do to men who behave in a traditionally masculine way.”

He continued: “Therefore, while a man can freely engage in any activity that others may see as being girly or feminine, he should be aware that it can affect the way a woman feels about him sexually, or views him in terms of a romantic relationship.”

“Many people are afraid of being judged by others for what they spend their time on, so they try to do what others do, even if they don’t feel the same way about the activity or way of life,” Dan explained.

“This happens because at the end of the day, most people want to be accepted by others and if doing a certain thing (e.g. doing MMA fighting as a woman, ballet as a man) might cause them to be disliked by people important to them (e.g. parents, friends, siblings), they may decide to avoid it altogether,” the expert highlighted.

“Yet, the reality of life is that you will be judged by others whether you do a certain thing or not,” he said.

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