Life is great and it is always full of surprises. There is always something waiting for us to make us feel good. But sometimes, we gotta stay alert and prepare for all the curveballs. After all, even if the water in the ocean is calm now, it might be dragging us away from the shore in just a fraction of seconds. 

To help people know some life-saving facts, a TikTok user Knowledgesaurus has been creating a video series that he calls “Facts that can save your life”.

TikTok user Knowledgesaurus has been creating a video series, called “Facts that can save your life”

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The clips already have millions of views

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And his tips seem really useful

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If you ever find yourself buried in rubble and can’t get out, don’t yell. You’ll end up just wasting energy and losing your voice. What you should do is grab something and start tapping at intervals of three. Humans are great at noticing patterns and the rescuers will start to move towards that. Once you hear them, then you can start yelling.

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If a tornado looks like it’s not moving, that means it’s heading towards you.


A lot of backpacks have a hidden built-in whistle. The actual clip on many modern-day backpacks that are meant for hiking or camping has that built-In whistle.


If you’re ever at the beach and you see the water receding or far away from where it normally is, run. This normally means a tsunami is coming. And someone who paid attention in school in 2004 used this and saved their own life by getting out of there.


If you ever see square waves in the water, get out immediately. These waves have powerful currents under the water that can sweep you out and take you away.


If your car ever goes into the water, open a window or door immediately. If you don’t do this, the pressure differential is too great and it will keep everything shut and you have to wait until your car is completely filled with water in order to get out.


If you ever get caught in a rip current swim sideways, a rip current is a strong flow of water that moves directly away from the shore. And if you get caught in one and you try and swim straight in, it’s just going to keep pushing you back and you’re going to lose energy. So you need to swim sideways until you’re out of it and then you can swim in.

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If you ever get lost or in an emergency situation, you have your cell phone, but you have no service. You can still call 911. Emergency calls will go through any connection, whether it’s your carrier or not. And the same thing goes for any payphones. You don’t have to pay. It’s free to make a call to 911.


If someone falls in cold water and is close to hypothermia, don’t put them next to a fire. They need to be warmed up slowly. Otherwise, it could be potentially fatal and they could experience something called after drop. And this is due to the fact that your blood flow cannot adapt quickly enough to that change from extreme cold to extremely hot.


Before natural disasters make sure to fill your tub up and your sink with water that is clean. According to the FDA, after major disasters, the water’s either cut off or heavily contaminated. So it’s important to make sure you have enough supply of clean water.



When you walk back to your car and you see something like a dollar bill or something on it, don’t touch it. This is a common method for kidnapping where while you’re going to grab that, they’ll come up and grab you. So do not grab it, just drive. And the most common with this is T-shirts around a mirror or a dollar bill.