During this era where everyone has progressive thinking and is aware of equality, a man is sparking outrage online by making unnecessary claims. He says that guys should stay away from women who use words like ‘vagina’ and ‘fu*k’ because it’s “vulgar.”

“A feminine, respectful woman values what she speaks or writes. A woman who easily says or writes ‘f***k’, ‘vagina’, ‘d**k’ is a NO,” Amunga added. “Vulgar women are damaged women who come with emotional baggage. FOCUS ON YOUR LIFE.”

Scroll down to see how netizens reacted. 

Last week, a man told his 340K followers to stay away from vulgar women

Later that day, he added that a woman is just a “passenger” in a man’s life

And explained that “purity” and “submission” are the things men actually look in women

“You are a ‘medical specialist’ in REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH or all things… and think it’s vulgar to say the SCIENTIFIC NAME of a woman’s reproductive organ???” one of Amunga’s critics wrote.

But when Bored Panda contacted the man for a comment on his controversial thoughts, he doubled down. “I am an African and we believe in moral values,” Eric Amunga told us. “We don’t appreciate the use of vulgar language in public. If some of these words are mentioned in public in the local language, they are offensive and disgusting. There has been a deterioration of African norms and an erosion of our manners because of alien behaviors imported from foreign nations.”

“The word ‘vagina’ is a medical term. I agree,” he said. “It should be only mentioned in a medical space or the bedroom. I have not stopped women and men from using it but I have advised African men to stay away from women who throw vulgarity and epithets.”

His claims instantly received a lot of attention, even spawning quite a few memes