A pet is considered family.

We you adopt a dog, they instantly become your family. You have to take full responsibility of the member, and by responsibility we do not only mean giving them food, shelter and care. We also are trying to indicate the bigger responsibilities, like taking them to a vet and when it is neccessary, you have to pay for their treatment.  Recently a story was shared on the Internet about a man gettong in fight with her GF for wanting to spend money for his dogs treatment. Scroll down to read the entire story.

This is his dog Summer.

He wants to save Summer and he saved up money for this exact situation.

His GF has a differnt idea and guggested him to save money for more important things. This is what the guy shared on reddit.

“Now when I told my gf of 2 years about my dog, she asked what I was going to do, since it’s not like she expected me to have that kind of money lying around. And if I hadn’t been saving money specifically for my dog, I probably wouldn’t be able to afford her treatment. When I told her about the money and that I was going to pay for the surgery, she was upset because 1. She didn’t know about the account and 2. I’d be spending so much money when she’s out of a job and struggling. She moved in with me a few months ago and doesn’t have to pay rent. We haven’t really discussed finances that much, but I know being laid off has hurt her. She thinks that I shouldn’t spend it on my dog and wants me to save the money for if/when we get married or have kids. I told her that I’m going to do it and I’m going to schedule my dogs treatment soon. With all that’s happening, neither of us have been able to spend time away from each other, so we haven’t said much the past 24 hours and she’s still upset that I’m picking my dog over our future. So, AITA for spending so much money on my dog?”

People on Reddit were obviously furious.

A pet is a life. No wedding should be prioritised over a life.

The girlfriend received a lot of hate.

That is your best friend. You are not wrong for wanting to save your best friend’s life.

10K isn’t going to make your future. What world are you living in?

That is a huge red flag.

Is the girl really the one for you?

A life > Wedding

People shared their own experiences with sick pets.

However, some people understood the girlfriend’s point of view.

Some claimed that the people siding with OP were irrational.

It is more complicated than you think it is.

This guy’s only fault was that he didn’t get insurance for his dog.