It’s an adorable story of a guy who decided to sneak a kitten into his apartment. Then the cat gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens and since then, this guy decided to keep this purfect family with him. Also, he keeps on giving regular updates so that everyone can know about this little family. 

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You might remember a story about a guy who found a cat (not his) who snuck into his home to give birth

The name of this man is Paris Zarcilla and he is a London-based film director and writer.

Well, this is them a couple of years later, celebrating their two-year anniversary as a lovely family

For those unaware, in 2018 Paris Zarcilla walked into his room to find a stray mama cat who’d birthed 4 kittens

“Happy Birthday my fam. I love you more than you’ll ever know. You’ve brought so much light to my life. You have me forever. X #Caturday #TwoYears,” read the tweet.

Throughout his entire Twitter account, the cats are seen hanging around on the window sill, sleeping, sniffing about (food and other things), being curious, box fun, among many other cute, hilarious and exciting cat things. When you have five cats, activities for them are numerous.

He ended up giving the entire cat family a forever home and posting regular updates

One of the bigger updates was their two-year birthday last May and their Christmas together a month ago

Needless to say, the pawmily has grown a lot since Paris’ first adventure with them

Meet the entire family, one by one, at the time of the birth and adoption

To paraphrase Caitlyn Siehl:

She will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible.

And when she leaves you will finally understand, why

storms are named after people– cats

Undoubtedly, Daenerys Targaryen.

Lvl: 100

HP: 200/200

Sp. Attack: 250

Sex: female