This guy who did not even own a single pet got stumped by a stay cat who sneaked in his apartment to give birth to her four beautiful kittens.  It has been two years since this incident took place. And now when they are actually celebrating 2 year birthday of the kittens, he decided to share some pictures of the grown-up kittens.

You might remember a story about a guy who found a cat (not his) who snuck into his home to give birth

Two years ago, this story got quite popular when London-based film director and writer Paris Zarcilla walked into his room to find an expecting cat in his apartment. The cat gave birth to her kittens and when Paris found out, he cancelled all his meetings and started to look after the happy family. He gave a small introduction of the kittens on Twitter and that how it all started.  He never intended to owe cats, but the adventurous journey took off.

Well, this is them a couple of years later, celebrating their two-year anniversary as a lovely family

For those unaware, in 2018 Paris Zarcilla walked into his room to find a stray mama cat who’d birthed 4 kittens

Through these years, he has been posting many pictures of the happy cat family on Twitter. In May, he tweeted celebrating their two-year birthday, which gave a life update about how the kittens have grown beautifully.

“Happy Birthday my fam. I love you more than you’ll ever know. You’ve brought so much light to my life. You have me forever. X #Caturday #TwoYears,” read the tweet.

He ended up giving the entire cat family a forever home and posting regular updates

One of the bigger updates was their two-year birthday last May and their Christmas together a month ago

Needless to say, the pawmily has grown a lot since Paris’ first adventure with them

Meet the entire family, one by one, at the time of the birth and adoption



If you want to know more about this amazing cat family, go follow the entire thread on Twitter.