If you struggle with trust, this article is about to give you so much validation. A student at Ohio State University received some unsettling texts from a man with a girlfriend recently and chose to post the exchange on the institution’s open Snapchat group. The meltdown that ensued was so monumental that Mount Vesuvius ought to make notes.

One pupil responded to the Snap by saying, “Every AJ is bouta get questioned.” As fate would have it, the “AJ” community banded together to clean their (collective) name after receiving considerable condemnation, and eventually exerted pressure on the original poster of the photo to divulge the cheater’s identity. We’re going to assume that you’ve been using the Internet for long enough to figure out what happened next.

Everyone on Snapchat wanted to make sure AJ knew how bad of a mistake he had made. Responses poured in from other OSU students, adjacent States, and eventually, international nations, all of which contained the phrase “f**k you, AJ.” The ladies’ guy has yet to speak out publicly, so we can only presume that he has already disclosed his 10-year social media break, from which he may or may not return.

You may see it all for yourself by scrolling down, but always be cautious about who you confide your deepest secrets in. Or simply refrain from lying and cheating. That also works.

An Ohio State University student simply had to post these texts that she had received from a cheater on the institution’s public Snapchat group.

The mysterious “AJ” was soon discovered by other pupils, who set out on a search for him.

In order to clear their names, the “AJ community” was frantic to track him down.


The moment the original poster finally disclosed who he was, chaos ensued.

AJ’s social media accounts were located by people, and the images they discovered were… Um…

The memes just kept coming in nonstop.



Oh no, AJ When you come back in ten years, we’ll be eager to hear your response.