Often you must have heard incidences about dogs protecting the families from problems. We know that most of you would agree that your pets have been the biggest part of your lives and have always been there to make you happy and feel protected.

Recently on Reddit, a user posed a question asking people ‘how many of you would cut 5 years from your life and give it to your dogs?’

A redditor named Experimentallity shared on the Internet about how his pet saved his family from a dangerous bear. Read the post below to know about the incident in the users language.

One owner shared how his dog saved them and their family from a bear

The Reddt community was quite touched by the story shared by Experimentallity about Daisy. The story won many awards and got about 9.2K upvotes. Daisy does not go for walks any more but she has defined what brave means.

Here’s how some people reacted to the story. Some of them even shared similar stories of their own