What would you do if your pet is in some kind of medical emergency? Would you pay for their expensive medical expenses? 

Well, we don’t know about you but there is a Redditor, named u/gooddogbadbf who is ready to pay 10k to treat his dog, Summer. OP’s dog is diagnosed with cancer. The good thing is that his health problem was detected at an early age. But unfortunately, his girlfriend is having a problem with OP spending that kind of money on Summer’s treatment. 

This is Summer:

While the OP is comfortable with using the money for medical treatment, his girlfriend doesn’t think it’s a good idea:

Most commenters say that the OP is right. It’s his money that he set aside for similar situations, and a dog is basically a family member. How can you put a price on their life, particularly when that life could be significantly prolonged?

But some people believed the girlfriend has a point. It is a considerable amount of money, and things are not great with the economy right now. Even though it is his decision, it’s not irrational of her to be disturbed about this massive money reveal, only to see it all gone: