GTA 6 Release Status Closer Than Ever, Reveals Rockstar’s Inner Documents


    GTA 6 is rumored to be in development for a long time but there is no solid evidence to prove the same. However, the recent job opening at Rockstar Games suggests that Grand Theft Auto 6 game has finished production and might be entering the testing phase soon. The job listing at Rockstar talks about a technical build engineer needed for large scale projects.

    Although the description sounds vague and could be attached to any of the upcoming Rockstar projects, most of the fans believe it’s for GTA 6 only. If the rumor is true then GTA 6 has finished production and once the testing process is over, the game could release very soon.

    GTA 6 Production, Development and Testing

    GTA 6 Production, Development and Testing 

    GTA 6 is considered to be out of the pre-production stage and very soon will enter the alpha stage. Many of the fans believe that the upcoming GTA 6 game has finished development, and now the studios need someone to fine-tune and check it thoroughly before the title is ready for launch. GTA 6 release date is rumored to be April 2021 and there will be one cop and one gangster character.

    GTA 6 Job Opening at Rockstar Games

    GTA 6 Job Opening at Rockstar Games

    Rockstar Games job opening gives a detailed description of the requirements and also why would anyone want to work at the game studio. The Studio says that they develop such games which they would want to play themselves. A career at Rockstar Games would mean joining a creative team and friendly environment, where some of the most talented people from around the world will collaborate on entertaining projects.

    While it is nowhere stated that the job opening of ‘Technical Build Engineer’ belongs to GTA 6, the chances seem very probable. Also, it means that the alphas and betas of the game are completed and hence whatever the game is, it will be available to play very soon.


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