Sioux City, is like many other cities in the United States, which has kept a ban on Pit Bulls. When Pits were discovered in the shelter of Sioux, they were put in the back because they weren’t allowed for adoption. Angel, a Pit Bull who showed her teeth had a bad reputation. She would growl at people who tried to get close to her.

One day, a Karma rescue volunteer visited the shelter. She was heartbroken to learn that Angel will be euthanized in a few days. She decided that she had to do something to save the Pit Bull. A friend of hers and a behavioural specialist step forward to meet Angel and took her for a walk.

The Karma volunteer wanted to save Angel’s life. But the ban on Pits in the city make it pretty challenging for them. She couldn’t adopt the pit herself and the other rescuers were at capacity with other Pit Bulls at the shelter. So, the rescuer took ANgel for a walk and insisted that she would take her to the vet to put down.

During this time she also sent one last text to Hug Hearts Foundation in Los Angeles.

She managed to explain the rescue group that Angel was being put down in less than an hour. And that’s when the person on call said that they’ll take her. “We will take her!”

The Pit Bull was flown to Los Angeles. Here she got training for the next few weeks. The ban on Pit Bull in Sioux City was surprisingly cancelled. It appears that people are learning that it is not the dog breed that matters, what matters is how you train and treat them. All dog breeds can give you love and care, but you just have to know the right way to train them.

Angel’s story continues to amaze us. All dogs in the world deserve a forever home where they are lover and cherished. There is no bad or good dog. If you keep patience and help a dog to learn things, trust us, they can be a better company than humans. Angel’s tale is a wonderful example of how an aggressive dog and transform into a kind and loving one.

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what do you think about this story? Would you be ready to adopt a dog and change their life forever? Dog adopting is a good thing to do. And trust us, you will get more and more love from them that you have not received from anyone.

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