Without any doubt, dog can be a perfect companion for humans. Dogs are the pure soul in our lives. No sooner they enter the house they become the heart of the family members. And that’s the wonderful part of them.

But there is one woman who feels blessed just after she loses her soul pet. Yes, it can be as devastating as losing a human when they pass away.

Lucy took a picture of the clouds and shared it to Twitter where it quickly went viral and received up to 100.9k likes.

Lucy Ledgeway got the shock of her life when she saw “her dog” in the sky just hours after the animal passed away. Lucy is 14 years old and lost her family dog “Sunny”.

The incident took place on June 20 when Lucy was sad and wondering if she could get any sign of her pooch’s safety. And she was in total shock after seeing look-alike Sunny’s face in the clouds. And she wasn’t the only one to spot him either.

She captioned the heart touching twitter post –

“my dog passed away in my dads arms this morning seconds before setting off to the vets. later in the day we went out to clear our head and i cried to my boyfriend in the seat she died in, just begging for a sign that sheโ€™s okay. this is what I was blessed with [sic].”

To her Twitter post, other dog owners also posted their stories and shared their love and concern.

Similar to Lucy, another woman shared a picture of her passed dog in the clouds –

“Omg, the EXACT SAME THING happened to us in April when our baby passed away! Sending your family a lot of love and comfort during this difficult time! [sic]”

Well, as yet another old saying goes, they do say that all dogs go to heaven, and if this isn’t proof, I don’t know what is! Tell us your story if you experienced similar to this. Dogs are special. Dogs are forever.