Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 episode 22 synopsis preview air date

Grey’s Anatomy is on its Season 15 episode 22 and the plot is still going strong. Fans are now eager to know what happens with Jo and Alex.


Jo undergoing emotional turmoil in Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 22

Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 22The previous episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season 15 saw Jo, played by Camilla Luddington, undergoing a difficult time after she met her biological mother. She even traveled all the way to Pittsburgh to do that, but the meeting did not go well. Jo did not get any kind of closure, and that is why she is even more emotionally turbulent than before.

The synopsis for the 22nd episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 15 read that Jo will have a “ hard time a work.” What this means exactly, is unclear, but the road ahead looks rocky for the character.

A preview of the episode was released, and it showed that Jo will surprise Bailey when she arrives at work. Jackson tries to console Jo, telling her that her husband is worried about her.

Alex meets Meredith in Season 15 episode 22

Grey's Anatomy season 15 episode 22 synopsisAlex, Jo’s husband, seeks out Meredith, expressing his frustration with Jo as she grows more and more isolated and detached. But Meredith chastises Alex, reminding him that Jo is “going through something” and he should not give up on her so easily.

Jo has earlier revealed her tendency to leave people after they confess their love towards her. This may be a result of her traumatic childhood. Viewers are hopeful that Alex may be able to help Jo heal from that trauma.

You can watch episode 22 of season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy on April 18 at 8 pm on ABC.