How would you react if baby foxes showed up at your house to say hello, on the morning of a beautiful day? We know you would feel great. After all, baby foxes are so freaking adorable. Mostly, you will see these cute uninvited guests around April and July. 

This time, these adorable cuties showed up at the house of a granny. Scroll down to see these baby foxes saying hello in their cute way.

These cubs were wandering on Vechrotex’s grandmother’s porch. It almost feels like these babies are asking “Have you got something tasty for me, maybe?”

“The mother comes much more than the babies,” explains Vechrotex. “She is always close to her when her babies are on the porch.”

Here in Illinois, we have red foxes in wooded areas, we see them a lot, and it’s not a big problem, “Vechrotex said.” One day my grandmother saw a baby red fox and took a picture of it. She shared the photo with me, and I thought It was so cute that I decided to publish it. I’m glad I was able to make so many people happy!