Global Positioning System which is currently run by the United States Air Force contrary to the term global. But recently the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) had made a negotiation with the Europe to extend their satellite movement beyond the borders of America. According to the ruling, smart phone users can make use of Europe’s Galileo system which give a faster and accurate navigation as told by a regulator.

Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman told that this is believed to serve the interest of the public in all walks of life like people working in automobile, railways, marine and agricultural industries. This move is also supposed to reap more benefits of public safety by preventing disaster and reducing accidents. It is also hoped that this would be highly helpful in assisting emergency response and in syncing power grids.

Galileo was created as a counterpart to the United States GPS and Russia’s GLONASS by the Europe. Europe’s Galileo satellite was first conceived in 2005, now presently it has launched 26 out the planned 30 satellite. But online service began only in 2016, it is highly possible that anyone traveled to Europe in the last couple of years, would have used Galileo to reach Barcelona or Normandy instead of GPS.

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United States previously had regulation that banned the usage of Galileo as it was a foreign satellite. People have to update their phone to use the allowed two out of three functionality of Galileo satellite system. The effort by the United States is business friendly good news to the public.

Pai being Pai, couldn’t resists a harmless joke that with this agreement, they hope that it would be easy for all the mariners to safely return to their destination in spite of the blowing wind.

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