Starting August 20, a new law will be passed that will prohibit smoking at home in Bangkok. This comes as a response to the increased number of deaths caused by secondhand smoke in the past decade.

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90 days period given

According to reports, 90 days period will be given to smokers to get rid of the habit. According to 2019 Family Development And Protection Act announced in the Royal Gazette, the law will be introduced in a bid to reduce the risk of second-hand smoke towards relatives and family living with chronic smokers.

Smoking ban

The law also states that anybody who violates the law will be tried in juvenile or criminal court depending on their age. A penalty is yet to be fixed. However, the court can ask the violators to undertake a rehab program that may help them in quitting the habit.

Moreover, anti-tobacco campaigners are also working hard to increase awareness about second-hand smoke and make citizens homes free of cigarette and electronic cigarette smoke.

Deaths due to secondhand smoke rising

Chief of Tobacco Control Research And Knowledge Management Centre, Ronnachai Khongsakon, revealed that nearly 8000 people died last year because of second-hand smoke. Moreover, a study has been published that reveals that 33% of chronic smokers smoke at their homes and 74% of them smoke every day.

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Ban Smoking

According to the Ministry of Public Health, nearly 55000 people died last year from diseases caused by smoking.

Although the law that has been created is good news for people suffering from second-hand smoke, it is very unclear how the government plans on enforcing the rule or punishing those who violate it.