When we were kids, we used to watch a lot of cartoon shows. But honestly, we don’t even remember a few of them as we grew up. However, there are also a few shows that refuse to leave our memory. There are a few cartoon characters that we are still in love with. And when we are talking about funny and weird shows, how can we not mention Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs?

This show was funny, it was cute, and above all, we are totally in love with Sinclair family. Didn’t we? Of course, we were! That’s why we couldn’t keep calm when we came to know that this show is coming again on Disney+. (We are not crying, you are crying)

Dinosaurs ran from 1991-1994.

This cute show was just like if Roseanne met The Muppets.

Surely, Dinosaurs ran only for a short period of time on television but people are totally in love with it. In just a short span of time, this cartoon show has made millions of fans. (You would be lying if you say that you didn’t like this show)

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The show might’ve looked silly, but it covered a lot of deep topics, especially for airing in the ’90s!

One amazing thing about this amazing show was that it covered a lot of amazing topics that everyone should know about. Like divorce, puberty, corporate greed, environmentalism, homosexuality, and more. 

That’s why when Disney announced the show would be coming to Disney+, fans were excited.

If you are also desperately waiting for this amazing show, there’s is good news for you. We know the release date. That’s right! The executive producer of this show, named Brian Henson, revealed that the show is going to be live from January 29th, 2021. Yay! 

Are you excited?

If you are a fan of original Dinosaurs, we bet this would be the best news that you might have heard so far this year.