Gotham Season 5 is returning soon with episode 11 on Fox. Here’s all you need to know about the release date of episode 11.

When will Gotham resume airing?

The eleventh episode of Gotham season 5 will come next month on Fox. It is going to be the penultimate episode of the show. The series will return on 18 April at 8 pm EST with the episode titled “They Did What?” on Fox. However, the release date of the next episode in UK has not been announced on E4, sister network of Channel 4. The UK viewers will have to wait for some more time for the fifth season. None of the episodes of Gotham season 5 have been aired yet on E4.

Gotham Season 5 episode 11 release date

Gotham will return after a four-week hiatus with episodes 11 and 12. At the moment, the other episodes of Gotham season 5 are available on the Fox website. The viewers can binge watch them till the time the show returns.

What to expect from Season 5 Episode 11 of Gotham?

The official synopsis reads:

Nyssa Al Ghul (played by Jaime Murray) has ruined Gotham’s chances of reunification with the mainland, all of her desire to avenge her father. Bruce (David Mazouz) finally sees that he cannot run from the destiny Ra’s (Alexander Siddig) foresaw and decides to take a stand.

Apart from this, the entire city is under the threat of Delta Force in Gotham season 5. GCPD and the criminals have joined forces for their home. Bruce is finally expected to become Batman after all these seasons of Gotham. The series title “The Beginning” also suggests that this may happen.

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There is a lot of suspense for the fans. Clearly, episode 11 of Gotham season 5 is going to answer a lot of questions that the viewers have been waiting for.