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Kit Harington (Jon Snow) spoiled that he was dreadful while shooting for GoT ending. The actor recalled the terrifying moment when his private parts got stuck while he was shooting on a mechanical dragon.

The Jon Snow actor shared spoilers that he suffered a gruesome fate while he was shooting on a flying mechanical dragon for a scene in GoT ending. Kit Harington talked about the scary moment when he was swung around by his testicles. Harington added,

Buck work is not easy. I think what sums up the buck for me was there was a bit where Jon almost falls off [the dragon].

GoT ending spoilers Jon Snow

The Game of Thrones star spoiled that he was praying for his life during the dreadful moment. His private parts were stuck in the machine. It was too late to stop. He felt that this is how “it will end”. The award-winning actor said that maybe he gave out too much spoilers for GoT ending.

The next episode will air on 14 April on HBO in the US and in the UK a day after. Around 17.4 million people watch the premiere episode on Sunday night. One of the fans even commented questioned why Sansa was called the “smartest person” by Arya Stark and Jon Snow. In response, Sophie replied,

Girl… I never was.

GoT ending spoilers Jon Snow

The fans have waited for long for Game of Thrones premiere. The first season of the eighth season broke all the previous records. Don’t forget to tune in to the next episode. The entire cast and crew have worked really hard to put it all together for the final GoT ending.