GoPro Hero 8 release date specs features

The much-anticipated release of the GoPro Hero 8 draws ever closer. People from distinct walks of life and holding jobs in separate niches are all speculating on what this new GoPro will offer. The silence that the San Mateo based community maintains over their new device adds even more fire to the speculation. Even the release date of the device is unclear.

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When is the GoPro Hero 8 releasing?

However, based on the past patterns of the company, a September release date is a good bet for the GoPro Hero 8. After all, the company has been unveiling new entries around this time every year.

Most of the speculation right now surrounding the GoPro 8 comes from leaks. People can’t help but request the company to at least release the specs of the new device, although rumors suggest that it will have three iterations, just like the Hero 7.

The customary color scheme applies as well- one can expect three color variants for the GoPro Hero 8- Silver, White, and Black. Any whispers that Hero 8 may support 8K are unrealistic, given that even high-power computers struggle with processing content that is shot on 4K.

GoPro 8 Hero release date tech specs features

Hence, the highest resolution that we can expect is 4K, with a 60 fps video capture, of course. Perhaps we will see a more tuned and improved version of it on the GoPro Hero 8. People have also been clamoring for the company to return the photo + video capture feature that was last available in the Hero 6. People in the community are quite upset that the feature was removed, some are downright indignant.

Many feel that it’s removal was a huge mistake and a step back for the innovative vision the company has for this action camera series. Reinstating the feature will surely help push people over the fence as far as a buying decision on the GoPro Hero 8 goes.