Google to use Al in collaboration with the New York Times


    The New York Times has a huge collection of information and historic images which are now somewhere else, dating back from the 19th Century. “Morgue” is the storage area in the basement where Times kept all its prints and newspaper documents, which is nearly about 5 million to 7 million till now.

    Now Times has asked for a help from Google so that it can update its archive with digitized pictures. The New York Times wants to save not only all its priceless history but all the chronicle events that has shaped the entire globe, stated by Nick Rockwell- New York Time’s Chief Technology Officer.

    Google will use machine learning technology to provide the paper with more functional state than its in today’s date. It is also reported that Google will be taking the concept of artificial intelligence to store each and every data from recognizing a minute text  and design for describing photos. Times also mentioned about the service that will be provided for storage and data manipulation.

    They are working with full efforts to make this concept idealized. To get a better transition from analog state to digitalised and to make sorting easy like who’s there in the images and its whereabouts, using the approach neural networks in AI specially will help Google to do great.

    Monica Drake-the Times’ assistant managing editor mentioned in an interview that the entire Time is seated on a stockpot of it’s historical snapshots. She also stated that using the Cloud Technology for storing and safeguard the treasure of historic images will be good and extracting specified images will provide more valuable insight into the historical background and also more easily accessible.

    The digitalised photos generated will not be incorporated into the public forum as were done in Flickr Commons, instead New York Times will provide with a new feature called Past Tense, were the shots will be used accordingly.

    Source – Cnet, The Verge


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