When 4k HDR Content rolled out on iTunes last year, Apple took a great step of upgradation of prior
purchase to higher quality free of charge. It means that if customers had purchased the movie and if
that movie were available in 4k, it would upgrade the films for free.

Also, When 4K contents are introduced on Google play movies in 2016, there were many users who
wondered how they might able to upgrade their contents. After all, it is the quality of movies which is
important for a great experience of movies. At that time Google Play did not offer an easy path or any
path to upgrade the content they already purchased, even, they did not give you the option to pay full
price for the movie to get it in 4k.

So, Now here is a good news…

Google play movies might take similar steps. Thanks to the teardown of the Android app today by
Android police.

Source- Techhive

According to the Android police, several strings are indicating towards the upgradation of content for 4k
resolution in Movies & TV Feature in Google Play 4.8. When it will be rolled out, a prompt in App will
notify which movies “just got a free upgrade to 4K.”
The user can enjoy the free upgradation to ‘higher quality’ on supported devices and this is suggested by
the below string.

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<string name=”interstitial_upgrade_description”>Enjoy this higher quality on any supported 4K
<string name=”interstitial_upgrade_header”>%1$d of your movies just got a free upgrade to

Also, this app will have a filter that suggests what content was ‘upgraded to 4k’ with the sorting ability of
your library by ‘Date Upgraded’.

<string name=”filter_upgraded_to_4k”>Upgraded to 4K</string>
<string name=”sort_by_upgrade_date”>Date Upgraded</string>
<string name=”upgraded_to_4k”>Upgraded to 4K</string>

Unfortunately, SD purchases weren’t mentioned anywhere in the code of Google Play App. But, There is a
the chance that Google may offer the same upgrade for lower resolution contents.
However, Google might be finally decided to offer such a program as the proliferation of content and
hardware both. As an example in July, Play movies and TV ass support for HDR casting to NVidia Shield
and Sony A. TV’s.
Source- Android Authority