Google Pixelbook 2 release could happen this year with all new upgraded specs and features. The Chromebook from Google is now in direct competition with the recent Samsung Galaxy Chromebook as the race for lightweight working laptops gets intense. Google came out Pixelbook Go last year, which was the budget variant of the first Pixelbook, but fans are now looking forward to the next high powered model.

Google Pixelbook 2 could bring back the 360-degree hinge to function as laptop-tablet hybrid, have a 4K display and the latest 11th-gen Intel processor. Here is everything you need to know about Pixelbook 2 release date, specs, features, rumors, leaks and more.

Google Pixelbook 2 Specs and Features: Hybrid Laptop, CPU and Display Upgrades

Google Pixelbook 2 Specs and Features Hybrid Laptop, CPU and Display Upgrades

Google is planning to bring back the 360-degree hinge feature for Pixelbook 2 so it functions both as a laptop and tablet. While the latest variant had clamshell form factor, it was done to cut the cost, but the second Pixelbook won’t have to be that cheap.

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The most important update in Pixelbook 2 will be in terms of CPU and the latest Intel processors will power the Chromebook. Intel has just announced the 11th-gen chipset, so Pixelbook 2 has more chances of using the 10th-generation Ice Lake processors. But then again Google could be in touch with Intel to develop the latest processors for their future laptops and might even use the 11th-gen chip to beat Samsung Galaxy Chromebook.

Another upgrade for the 2nd Pixelbook model will be in terms of display resolution as even the higher variant of Pixelbook Go had 4K display screen. Google Pixelbook 2 will be the premium Chromebook and will be launched with a 4K display.

Google Pixelbook 2 2020 Release Date Possible?

Google Pixelbook 2 2020 Release Date Possible

Google Pixelbook 2 release date has not been confirmed or announced from any of the official sources. But Google has been consistent with its schedule and always announces new products in October at its ‘Made by Google’ annual event. There are high chances that Google launched Pixelbook 2 along with the Pixel 5 series smartphone in October 2020 at the event.

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