Google Pixel 4

Google will be rolling in Pixel 4 at the end of the year and we can expect it to be the perfect smartphone for the generation. We all can agree to the fact that Pixel 3 is one of the best phones in the market right now.

Pixel 3XL will also be a good buy. However, none of them is perfect. The customers are satisfied with the smartphones but they do want a little more modifications to them.

We have got a bunch of rumors regarding the features of Pixel 4. Let’s have a brief discussion on what those features can possibly be.

A New Design with Google Pixel 4

Google went redundant with design since Pixel 2. Pixel 2, 3 and even 3 XL are all too similar in the looks. Although the design doesn’t matter for a smartphone, the audience does expect Google to come up with something new. Our eyes are bored of the same look over and over again.

But then again, if Google tries to make any sort of change, it would have to ditch the front facing dual speakers which are now kind of USP of the phone. The only possible Google can do with the design is to completely change it. And yes Google, if you’re reading this, please remove the notch.

Everyone wants Google to remove the Notch in Google Pixel 4
Source- Upcoming Phones 2018-2019

In Display Fingerprint Scanner

By the end of 2018, many premium and non-premium smartphones manufacturers inculcated this feature in their high variant products. LG has done it, OnePlus 6T has it, and we expect Pixel 4 to have it too. This might not be the top priority of Google, but if it wants to keep the design and the annoying notch, it has to come up with the In-Display Scanner.

Dual or Triple Rear Camera

Pixel is already having the best smartphone camera in the market. It is beating out all the competitors with its single camera. Samsung and LG have tried to install 5-6 rear camera to come close to the quality of Pixel, but they fell short by a huge margin. But Samsung is bringing in Galaxy S10+ and to stay in the competition, Google has to install multiple rear cameras in Pixel 4.

Dual Camera is expected in Google Pixel 4
Source- Concept Phones

Better Performance

Everyone expects a phone whose hardware and software have been built from scratch by Google to have the smoothest performance. And that’s why Pixel is successful. Pixel is smooth, has decent battery life and is as fast as a cheetah. However, all the other manufacturers are slowly catching up. Google has to get even better with the performance in the upcoming phone.

These four are the consumers’ major expectations from Pixel 4. Let’s see what all Google can deliver. The expectations are high and we expect Google to deliver on it all.