A Google Cloud outage had taken down many including YouTube, Snapchat, G Suite, Discord, Gmail, Vimeo along with many other services in several eastern regions of the U.S and some parts of Europe on 02nd June.

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How severe was the Google cloud outage?

Google Cloud outage took down GMAIL, Youtube, Snapchat

The report came first from The Verge, which said that the outage is brought by high levels of network congestion in the affected regions.

Google Cloud service powers logins for a lot of non-Google apps, including Uber and Snapchat. It is similar to other hosting platforms such as Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s Amazon Web Services

The search Giant reported the issue at 12:55 PM (PT) or 3 PM (ET). All services went back to normal in less than five hours.

In a statement, Google said that it would conduct a post mortem and will make necessary adjustments to their system to avoid reoccurrence of the issue.

Users outrage over the Google Cloud outage

Users of two of the most significant entertainment sources for the youth – the Youtube and Snapchat – put to Twitter their outrage over the problem. News about the outage with #snapchatdown and #YouTube down emerging as the top trending topics across the social media.

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Snapchat users reported that while they were receiving notifications as they get snaps, they cannot open the app to view the content.


The outage also affected Shopify, which halted credit card payment processing in several brick-and-mortar and online stores.

This is not the first time YouTube experienced an outage. Earlier this year, the popular video service was down for less than an hour before Google managed to restore it.

CNET reported that this happened while the video streaming site seemed to be working just fine on the West Coast. One of its editors noted some issues. He cited that a video that was inaccessible for around 15 minutes.