Dogs are great because they are always around us to make things a little easier. But they do this even when we have not asked for their help. Well, it’s not their problem because they want to help and they want to do it all the time. 

But we still see count them as blessings. Usually, dogs are very polite and they listen to what their owners are saying. But the ones that we have today just want to follow their heart. 

You can scroll down to see what these dogs are up to. 

#1 “Look at my sharp toofies, I would definitely do it again.”

#2 “I was looking for a dessert and found mom’s chocolate.”

#3 That face of a guilty doggo.

#4 “What!? It was delicious and I was hungry.”

#5 This dog seems like a jailbreaker.

#6 Looks like the dog likes Pringles.

#7 The expression on his face is so damn cool. *Thug Life*

#8 We’ve got a trouble maker in the house.

#9 “But I’m still not sorry and I would do it again when I get the chance.”

#10 Dogs and pizza have a connection unknown to the human race.

#11 “No mom! Just pet me. No work.”

#12 “Now my hooman has to shower me. Heheh”

#13 “I made a mess and I’m not sorry.”

#14 “Oops! My bad…”

#15 Who can blame him?

#16 We can tell by her face she enjoyed it.

#17 A typical siblings dou! We all know who’s the culprit.

#18 This dog is on a mission.

#19 Bad doggy!

#20 That’s quite a swifty dog.