Gonorrhea, commonly known as the “clap” came as the first case in Britain. The infection of a British woman who has had unprotected sex with a man who had returned from Ibiza. The second case had a similar background with the patient having unprotected sex with multiple men in Ibiza.

There is confirmed news of one of the two women spreading the STD to at least one other man. According to the health expert, the strain of bacteria has now infected more people in the country.

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Experts have also succeeded in finding the link between the two cases which is the island off the east coast of Spain, Ibiza.

Is it easily curable?

Gonorrhea which is a bacterial infection was easily curable with antibiotics earlier. However, now treating this STD has become a real task for the doctors.

Are Gonorrhea symptoms untreatable now? The STD has apparently mutated in world's first case
Has Gonorrhoea mutated? Source: Nice

This is because the strain has evolved. It has therefore become resistant enough for the medications which are used to treat the disease. This, in turn, has made this disease more or less incurable with the usual line of medications.

The first two cases of infections could not be treated with the first choices of medications by the doctors. According to health experts, the first two cases of gonorrhea were actually cases of super gonorrhea.

Have the bacteria causing gonorrhea mutated?

Super Gonorrhea is the condition when gonorrhea becomes resistant to even one of the two antibiotics. So that is generally recommended for its treatment.

Are Gonorrhea symptoms untreatable now? The STD has apparently mutated in world's first case
Health experts state that gonorrhea is becoming incurable
Source: Daily Express

The bacteria which causes gonorrhea is an easily mutable strain. Usually mutates in every few years. So it becomes resistant to drugs.

Apparently the same has occurred in the first two cases in Britain. These are of the cases of the women who had unprotected sex with men associated with Ibiza island.

The strain of bacteria mutated. By doing so it has now become resistant to the medications which are supposed to cure it.