Here’s a super-duper cute story that is going to make your day. It’s about Asha, a beautiful Golden Retriever who has the biggest heart in this world. She lives in Strathdownie with her human Kerry McKinnon whom she loves the most. That’s why one day Asha decided to surprise Kerry with a little gift that she had bought home early in the freezing morning. 

The story is about a winter night when the temperature has dropped to 5ºC. Since Asha has a big and thick fur coat, she didn’t feel that cold. What happened that night was Kerry’s husband asked Asha to check on something at an early hour. Later, they found Asha with a tiny koala curled up on the top of her. Cute, right? And the best thing is that this super amazing goldie has saved the koala all by herself. Awww! 

After seeing this, Kerry started laughing because Asha was standing with the koala in confusion with a guilty face. Although they don’t know how Asha and koala met, they came up with a rough explanation. They assume that it is possible Asha might have found this koala after he was separated from his mother. 

And it is actually better that Asha has saved the koala because he would have died in the chilling morning. Fast forward to the present time. Now Asha and koala have become inseparable and spend most of their time together. Scroll down to see their adorable picture.