You have been following us for a while now. This glow-up series is a bit different from the previous ones. Usually, a glow-up means the transformation from a puppy to a full-grown dog. But this glow-up is all about cute puppies becoming cuter and cutest as they grew.

We gathered some images from the Internet and thought of bringing it together for you. These glow-up’s would definitely make your day brighter. So scroll down and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

1. Once a pupper, always a pupper.

2. That is one handsome dog.

Look at those eyes

3. Wait, what just happened?

4. The floofier, the better.

5. We love big furry friends.

6. Another furry buddy!!!

Carry me please!

7. The look on the guy’s face…

8. oh, is there a dog in the first picture?

9. Ohhh paw-lease.

10. Those puffy cheeks!

11. That’s it. It’s getting too cute in here.

Oh my god! Can’t control my emotions.

12. Woah! Can someone share their growing montage?

13. Once a lap-puppy, Always a lap-dog

14. And how could we forget…

15. Sorry doggo, you can’t fit in there anymore.

Find a new spot?

16. What 7-months transformation does to you…

I’ll grow bigger than you.

17. Tiny cuddle buddy

18. The dog seems really happy with his transformation

19. Same ears, Same attitude.

20. Somethings never change…


21. Looks like he’s living his best life now.

Look at that Charmer

22. He might’ve gotten bigger, but that face…

A perfect expression

23. Glow-up at its best.

Look at that face

24. He came with those eyebrows…

Hello, human.

25. Hella cute!

Take me for a ride please.