M Night Shyamalan’s new release “Glass” was rated real low by the Rotten Tomatoes. M Night Shyamalan’s “Unbreakable” universe’s long-awaited return is not going to be as exciting as everyone expected.

It began back in 2000 with “Unbreakable”, followed by “Split” in 2017 and now it’s time for its third chapter “Glass”.

The reviews by Rotten Tomatoes for Glass don’t look so good. Glass is getting largely negative reviews, not meeting the expectations.

As per the Rotten Tomatoes reviews, Glass has got a 36 percent score. Glass was the most anticipated movie of the year and the disappointing reviews have changed the entire picture.

Most critics said that the movie had a slow plot and it also lacked the spirit which catapulted the success of its predecessors. When compared to the other two movies, Glass scored really less. Unbreakable got a score of 69 percent, while Split earned a score of 76 percent.

Rotten Tomatoes reviews may affect the box office performance of Glass.
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Maybe it was really hard for M Night Shyamalan to mend the two diverse stories together. While the plot of Unbreakable was dark and taut, Split was a psychological thriller, only revealing to be connected to the former movie at its end. Combining these movies with such drastic content isn’t easy at all.

What was Good and Bad about M Night Shyamalan’s Glass

M Night Shyamalan is a confident and poised filmmaker who can still win the audience, despite the negative reviews that the movie has got. Looking at the previous movies, it won’t be a bad decision to give a chance to this movie.

The movie may turn out to be a disappointment as per the reviews and it extends the conceits of “Unbreakable” without the essence of the mystical dark discovery which made the film indelible.

We are yet to see if the review by Rotten Tomatoes will affect the box office performance of the movie or not. The movie will open in theaters on 18 January.

We will soon get to know how things work out for the movie.

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