Who’s up for another interesting episode of AITA?

AITA (Am I The Real A-Hole) the Reddit’s thread where individuals post their stories and seek people’s approval whether what they did was right or wrong is getting really popular. So, people who post here, have to be open about people judging them and reacting openly to the story.

So, today we are sharing with you the story of a boy who decided to tell his younger brother about why his crush does not like him. Now, without saying much, we allow you to scroll down and see what happened next.

Here’s the original post.

1. Well, parents play a vital role in this. If there’s anyone to be blamed, it’s the parents. We all know nerdy A-Holes like that, don’t we?

2. Well, considering the fact how the guy is arrogant and considers himself above everyone, that’s probably the sole reason why the girl is holding herself back.

3. There you go. I saw that coming already. I mean, who would want to be even friends with a person who will constantly judge you and degrade you? I’d rather be offended let alone being friends with that person!

4. Damn, how can the parents keep on encouraging this toxicity that is being bred in the child? That’s plain ridiculous!

5. I think you’re doing the right job which your parents should have done!

6. Well, it’s definitely your parent’s fault and not yours. Your intentions are pure and you are trying to help your little brother become a better person – which clearly isn’t wrong, at all!

Glad to see people had the same opinion about it!

This guy has summed it up perfectly while relating it to the movie! Kudos to you!

Absolutely right! Emotional intelligence IS important. You must become a good human first and be considerate of other people’s feeling.

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